Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Boris and the Bananas Vote

I'm sure all Londoner's have heard the repeated mantra that 'Boris can't possibly win'. He is too much of a clown, London will be a joke, etc etc. I sometimes think that these people will be repeating this even as they see Boris picking up the keys to City Hall. To these people I say wake up. 

On another May day six years ago, the people of Hartlepool in their wisdom decided to elect a man in a monkey suit on a platform of free bananas.

Now whilst most Londoners take the future of London seriously, there are a significant number who have been won over by Boris' monkeying around. This is the case despite the fact we know nothing of the quality of bananas he has on offer.

In fact while many Tories were angry that Boris has run such a low profile campaign, it is becoming increasingly clear that this may actually be of benefit to Boris. The less he talks about policies, the better he seems to do.

To those Ken supporters who think that Boris will slip on another banana skin, I say get real. Boris does nothing but slip on banana skins. He has made a career out of it.  If Ken really wants to take on Boris he must force him out of that monkey suit. Show Londoners what a Tory mayor would really be like. Force Boris into the debate. It is only by taking on the debate that Ken can win.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to the day, I doubt many of the people polled for Boris will actually bother to turn up. Those who turn up will be the serious ones.

Thats funny said...

I thought Ken it was who hands out bananas to his sarrf London monkeys.