Thursday, 14 February 2008

Boris Gets it Seriously Wrong (again)

We know that Boris hasn't hot a head for numbers. Recent press conferences have left him scrambling in vain for the correct figure. But you would have thought he would have been well briefed for his first 'serious' interview with Andrew Marr. Especially when Marr barely got a chance to ask any questions at all. 

Boris had a message and he blundered along until it was finished. 
Unfortunately for him, he seriously fluffed the figures.

Boris told the nation that only 300 kids have had their Bus passes taken away in London since they were given them free by the Mayor. Yet figures acquired by Channel Four's Factcheck show that since September 2005 a total of 9036 cards have been taken away temporarily and 957 have been confiscated for good. Channel Four rated Boris' statement as 60% false. I think they were being a little generous...

Similar confusion was caused at todays Green hustings where he urged voters to reject 'Ken's Garden grab.' He accused the Mayor of allowing housing and other development on gardens in the capital. Now it is true that this happens. But it is also true that local planning applications on small sites (such as gardens) have zero input from the Mayors office.

So Boris here is a word of advice. Forget about trying to be serious. Just concentrate on getting the facts.

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