Thursday, 28 February 2008

David Cameron: "Please be my friend."

David Cameron is looking more and more like the new kid at school. The bullies at his last school were always laughing at his clothes. So now mummy has moved him away. She took him down to Topshop and she bought him a new iPod and now he's joined up on Facebook but oh no HE STILL AINT GOT NO FRIENDS :(

So he tells the other kid's he's just like them.  Likes the same bands, the same clothes the same films. Then he picks on the kid with the accent and says look at him everyone he's so saaaaaaaaaad!

Then he tells the kids "come over to my space. I got xbox and broadband and ting." But first add me and please tell me you're my friend. Please please tell me and we will always be friends...


Anonymous said...

Friends - You can get them if you really want

Stevey P said...

Don't be sad Dave. I will be your friend