Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Raus Raus Mein Tory Nazis.

You may wonder why Andrew Gilligan has directed you to this obscure two year old blog post written by somebody you've never heard of. The following links may give you a clue:

The BNP are calling for their fellow travellers in the Tory Press to rise up and show their true colours.
In a half-mocking, half-pleading open letter, the BNP ask their favourite columnists to rid themselves of the 'Littlejohn Syndrome' whereby journalists preach the BNP message but dissassociate themselves from the party. They sum up the dilemma that these 'acceptable extremist' journalists have:

"The problem with assaults on political correctness is that they attract the wrong kind of people, the ‘unmentionables’. Members of the BNP, its supporters and others... are more likely to read the ‘acceptable extremists’ than they are to read anyone else in the establishment media. Their writing comes closest to articulating a lot of what the BNP believes in.
And this is a pretty uncomfortable position for members of the establishment to be in. So every now and again the ‘acceptable extremists’ make a token effort to distance themselves from the conclusion that their writing points to. In the case of Richard Littlejohn a good half a dozen times a year he launches into an absurd tirade against the ‘knuckle-dragging BNP’, presumably in the hope that somehow it will erase the fact that much of what he says is compatible with much of what the BNP says."

Now whilst actual votes for the 'knuckle-dragging' BNP remains fairly low, the BNP presence on the internet is growing rapidly. The BNP website gets more hits than Webcameron and Labour Home combined and the growing youth-wing of the party are increasingly making their presence felt on the net.
So as newspaper sales go down month on month, we have to ask at what point will the success of the right-wing online, push fellow-travellers such as Littlejohn and Bushell out into the open? Keep your eyes out for defections trolls.


rob's uncle said...

Re: ' The BNP website gets more hits than Webcameron and Labour Home combined ' This is very interesting if true: can you provide a source for this assertion?

The Tory Troll said...

Yes it is surprising. I read it in the Telegraph. Apparently it gets 7 times more hits than Labours website and 3 times more than the Conservatives:

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