Saturday, 16 February 2008

Tory Boys in The Brownstuff as Poles Head Home


It has only been a few days since the latest Pole-baiting binge from the Tory press. 
In fact ever since Poland joined the EU, The Daily Mail and Express have taken great joy in squeezing terror into its readers. We have been warned of a marauding army of spanner-wielding, Kabanos-chomping Catholics, clogging up our schools and grasping all our jobs.

Yet new evidence reported by The Times shows more are now moving back home than moving here.

Of course this has not been without precedent. Similar headlines were used with Irish immigrants in the past and the German press did the same during the Boys from the Blackstuff era

When the British economy was on its knees, thousands of out of work laborers headed out to find work in the East. but when the British economy picked up, the vast majority headed home.

This is the untold success story of modern Europe which the Tory press willfully ignore. When times were bad here, German industry helped us out and we have done the same for Ireland and now Poland. Ireland is now a success story and Poland will be too. In fact if and when the British economy returns to its knees, British workers will certainly find themselves heading out to Warsaw and Krakow in search of work.

This is why Europe works. Just don't expect to be reading about it any time soon.

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