Sunday, 30 March 2008

Are The Tories the Sick Men of Europe?

Everybody knows the type. They've never got a cold but a flu. Never got a headache but a migraine. And when you ask them how they're doing, they actually go and tell you. In horribly minute detail.

Well it seems that at some point in the last few years somebody made the mistake of asking the Tories how they're doing and now they just won't stop going on about it.

First they moaned about the neighbours, and then about the darkies. Then about those pesky kids and then about their workshy parents. 

But seriously guys enough now. We get the point. Britain is broken. People are lazy, kids are evil and we're all about to get sucked down into a euro-commie-islamic-recession-vortex.

Tory hopeful and self-proclaimed 'old git' Iain Dale really got into the swing of it today, stating on his blog that:

"I think 40% of children in Britain are born to single parents."

The key part of that sentence being 'I think' of course. The most recent statistics put the figure at around 24 per cent. Not particularly brilliant you will agree but nowhere near as gloomy as the Tories would like it to be.

Because despite all of their worst wishes, Britain somehow manages to get through the day. And while they're all whingeing from their sick bed, the rest of us are quite happy to get on with our lives.

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