Monday, 31 March 2008

Boris Johnson wimps out again

Just received this from the editor of Time Out regarding their Mayoral Hustings this Wednesday:

"We were excited and proud to be able to offer you direct access to all our four main candidates on one platform, which would give you an opportunity to quiz them in person on their plans for our city. Disappointingly, Boris Johnson, who had initially confirmed his place at this hustings, has withdrawn from the event and so will NOT be attending. I'll leave you to surmise what this says about the Tory mayoral candidate and his commitment to London."

This comes after Boris also pulled out of 'Any Questions' on Radio 4 and after this revealing comment from Times journalist David Aaronovitch:

"There is hardly a senior soul in this business who hasn't turned up to an evening with Boris, to discover that it is an evening with anyone but. "I'm sorry," says the chair, anticipating the boos of disappointment, "but Boris Johnson is unable to be with us." followed by some lie."

Does anyone else see a pattern emerging?

---UPDATE--- Team Boris have accused Time Out of lying! Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. 
---FURTHER UPDATE--- Time Out accuse Team Boris of lying! How to make friends and influence people eh?
---EVEN FURTHER UPDATE---The Guardian spot No Show BoJo


toneytony said...

Well spotted. This man is a joke. The Lynton Crosby strategy has been to get everybody to focus on allegations around Ken, and to then just have Boris swanning around on buses, smiling at kiddiewinks. That way noone stops to think, well hang on can Boris actually do the job? Does he even want to do the job? If he gets into power will he even bother turning up to work? God help us.

Anonymous said...

No... the person who is a joke is Red Ken. He has been a disaster for london and I hope he gets booted out ASAP.

TimeOut is lying through their teeth so these useless blogs will write boris is a chicken stories.

Boris will make a great Mayor.

Boris was never due to attend the event on April 2nd as he had a longstanding engagement to talk to local newspaper editors. We had hoped to take part in the hustings when it was still planned for April 3rd but unfortunately TimeOut decided to reschedule for the day before instead.

The Tory Troll said...

Oh damnit i beeen rumbled. Me and that ultra-left wing listings magazine Time Out are in cahoots.

The fact is that the two accounts don't match. Whatever the wranglings of it Boris is no longer going to be at the hustings and it is not for the first time. All the other main candidates have complained about how hard it is to get Boris to take part in these events. Even when they're not present (like at any questions) he still doesn't want to play. As the Aaronovitch quote shows, there is likely to be much more of this to come.