Friday, 21 March 2008

David Cameron, Easy Rider

Rebel without a Cause?

The news that David Cameron has been finally caught cycling through red-lights and the wrong way up one-way streets will not change my opinion of him. I thought he was a self-righteous arrogant gas-bag before and I will continue to think the same way now.

However, Cameron had been seen breaking the laws of the road many times before and had indeed been warned in the media. Cameron's team even sent out a statement saying that Dave 'cares very much about road safety.' 

When questioned about cycling into Westminster without his helmet on, he replied that he took it off in order to be recognised by the security. In fact the truth was that he never wears it all. The self-styled family man is too careless or too vain to wear one and until now he has been quite happy to risk his own life and that of others.

Now again, I don't want to get too preachy about this. If Cameron wants to risk lives and then lie about it, then that's up to him. But what has really been revealing has been the reaction of many of his supporters. 

Like the fans of Top Gear who watch with glee as their hero Clarkson tears up a mountainside with his 4x4, Cameron's actions have and will be seen as somehow heroic. And like the army of middle aged men who go out in the dark of night to blow up Gatso cameras, Cameron will be seen as yet another warrior against that great tyranny of the people: road safety.

For these people, speed limits and parking fines, speed bumps and traffic lights are part of one big machinery to 'keep the people down.' For these people, every man's saloon car is his castle and who is 'the man' to tell him he can't use it how he likes?

Groups like safespeed and their extremist cousins speedcam, use statistics and cans of petrol to try and force through their view of the world. For these people, the greatest danger is not people dying on the road, but people being forced to drive below a speed limit. And for these people, David Cameron may well have presented himself as a new leader.

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