Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Greens turn their back on the Tory Blues.

When David Cameron became Tory leader he told the country that they should Vote Blue to go Green. Out went the fossil fuel blue flame and in came a climate-friendly green tree. Out went the stiff suits and sensible shoes and in came the scruffy trainers and green laces. Whether it was planting saplings, driving huskies, or constructing wind turbines, Cameron made it clear that the green movement was his own.
Cameron's green laces (green coloured car just out of shot)
But when environmental groups rated Tory policies as the least green out of the three main parties, it became clear that their brief affair was to be over. 

Within months, the Tories signaled an end to their support for green taxes, and this afternoon the Green Party lashed out, saying a tory administration would destroy the green agenda in London.

In an article for the New Statesman, the Green Party candidate Sian Berry urged her supporters to stop Boris Johnson at all costs and to give their 'insurance' vote to Ken. She warned them that:

"(Boris) stands for scrapping affordable housing requirements and abandoning higher charges for gas guzzlers. He opposed the minimum wage and the Kyoto treaty. He has tried to hoodwink London over airport expansion and he was a cheerleader for the war in Iraq. Johnson is no joke, and I cannot bear the thought of London under his cruel and careless control."

Indeed on all the key environmental issues, from airport expansion to emissions, Cameron's flagship candidate is as blue as a British Gas flame.

And despite all of Cameron's best efforts, the green movement in Britain have finally recognised him for what he is. Gone now will be the days of Cameron posing in front of Greenpeace banners and gone now will be the days of him being voted a British green icon.

Because now Dave's green days lay behind him, and only the blue Boris days lay ahead.

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Anonymous said...

I think he will still give it a go. He's built it all up too much now.