Sunday, 2 March 2008

Harry Hates Home - of course he does

Harry has gone from zero to hero and back to zero again after it was revealed that he doesn't much like England. Middle England has got its y-fronts in a twist over this and politely told him to bugger off back to Africa.

But what is really surprising about this story is that anyone should be surprised.

Harry was simply stating what most rich right-wing tory nationalists actually think. For all of their posturing and flag-waving, your average nationalist simply hates living in this country. I manage a channel on Youtube on which I post documentaries on the BNP. Ever since I posted them they have been swamped by a tide of comments from BNP supporters. These so-called nationalists voice the constant refrain that England is a 'cesspool' and that they look forward to a time when it will all go up in flames. 

Because like the Middle-Englanders who sell up and ship out to Tuscan villas, your average nationalist/royalist/tory, just doesn't have time for the country they were born in. Faced with 'chavs' and asylum seekers around every corner, they pack up their Volvos and take their money and talent elsewhere.

For all of their claims to a place at the centre of British power, the Right's love of England is as thin as gold veneer. Like the Tories who advocate the destruction of the Union, or the super-rich who bury their money off-shore, the Right's attachment to this country remains only as long as it is convenient. 

This is the real truth behind the current fashion for 'libertarianism'. For those on the right, selfish desire will always come ahead of the needs of the nation. 

If destroying the Union puts you into power then do it, if you can get even more super-rich by not paying tax then do it. For all the 'our boys' schtick that The Sun pour down our throats, Rupert Murdoch has refused to pay hundreds of millions of pounds worth of tax to a country that has given him his fortunes. 

This is the real truth behind the Right's claims to England. And this is why Harry did not hesitate to bite the hand that has fed him so well.


Praguetory said...

Conservative Party members are far more likely than Labour members to do voluntary work in the community. As someone who has travelled widely, let me assure you that I, and other Tories 'understand the needs of the nation' to use your statist terminology much better than your incompetent control freak shower.

The Tory Troll said...

'Conservative Party members are far more likely than Labour members to do voluntary work'

Really? Where's your evidence?

One thing's for sure though. If the Tories get in next time we will all be doing voluntary work. It will be either that or do without public services at all.

asquith said...

Excellent. Blogrolled.

The Tory Troll said...

Ta very much.