Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Sun Give Up on Polish Market

The Sun have always used the Poles as convenient whipping boys. If the paper needs padding out they always manage to drag up a story about Polish prostitutes here, another one about dodgy Polish builders there. Their antipathy towards Polish immigration always seemed strange to me. Here was a huge new market for their paper. It didn't seem wise to alienate an entire generation of Poles who might otherwise end up as customers.

Well it appears someone at The Sun had the same idea and knocked up this:

This was never released publicly and when rumours emerged of its existence the sun denied it. I managed to find it in the bowels of The Sun Website and passed the story onto The Press Gazette. Nevertheless, I still thought that The Sun might run with it. It was much to my disappointment therefore when I found out that they had removed the page from their server. 

So is the Polish Sun never to be? Did they judge that Pole-bashing was worth more to them in sales than Pole-loving? Or was The Sun's change of heart simply because of this?

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