Friday, 21 March 2008

Top Tories Fear Over Boris Win

Will this be the most powerful tory in Britain?

Michael Portillo became the latest top tory to express his fears about Boris Johnson winning the London election.

Speaking last night on BBC's This Week, he refused to answer whether he thought Boris to be a serious politician. He told Andrew Neil:

"I have not seen Boris putting forward serious policies. That clip I saw a moment ago when he said it was all about crime is the first time I have seen him make a serious point, because until now he has just been about bendy buses... Even in that clip one had no understanding about how he was going to fight crime."

He went on to describe the possibility of Boris being the most powerful Tory in Britain as "extraordinary."

Portillo's unusual reluctance to endorse the Tories main hope for electoral success was explained by Diane Abbott:

"He thinks he is a joke. He thinks Boris is a joke."

The comments come just a week after it was reported that a member of David Cameron's shadow cabinet described the possibility of Boris winning as "terrifying"

You can watch the latest This Week here.


Anonymous said...

Portaloo is hardly a 'top tory' these days. He is barely engaged with real politics.

Even I have seen Boris announce some policy stuff and I don't have the luxury of watching SkyNews all day. There's one about motorbikes in bus lans that follows I assume from the report Ken buried. There's one about putting more PCSOs onto the bus network and there's one about chiaring the MPA - I had to look this last one up as I didn't really get the jist first time.

The Tory Troll said...

Well he is a high profile ex-minister and once potential party leader. That's pretty top as far as I can see. Plus it also ties in with comments from the unnamed shadow cabinet member.

It is true that Boris has some policies but the fact that Portillo didn't believe he did and or didn't believe he could implement them speaks volumes.

Many of the policies he does have such as new routemasters and conducters are either uncosted or wrongly costed. That's a whole other story though.

jamie c said...

Wasn't it Portillo who told Boris to choose between being a politician or a clown?

The Tory Troll said...