Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Tory Right Would Love to Take the Michael

Is this the man to unite the Tories?

Just as the claws come out over Osborne's spending pledges, the man I tipped as his replacement has received a strong boost to his chances.

Tory activists have overwhelmingly voted the ex-treasury spokeman Michael Fallon as their Parliamentarian of the Year.

Fallon is a respected member of the Treasury Select Committee. He was also widely praised for his attacks on the government over Northern Rock, at the very same time as Boy George was derided for his.

This coupled with his principled support for tax and spending cuts means that he must now surely be the favourite to succeed Osborne as Shadow Chancellor. 

Putting Fallon on the front benches would unite the party and remove voter's doubts over placing their trust in the boy Osborne.

Unfortunately for the Tories, this is a fight which Cameron shows no sign he is willing to take on.

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