Wednesday, 30 April 2008

50 reasons to Stop Boris Johnson

I suppose before I start I should take the time to thank Boris Johnson. If he hadn't been so completely useless and dangerously incompetent, then I would never have started this blog. 

I haven't always felt so strongly about politics. Last year I had already started to resign myself to the inevitability of a Cameron premiership. The powers that be had decided it would be so, and so who was I to argue? I didn't like or trust the man and his policies were as weak as his impression of Blair. But for whatever reason, it had been decided that it would be so, and so I was resigned to await the inevitable.

But when that same man tried to let loose Boris Johnson on my home city, then I decided to make a stand.

In fact looking back since I started this blog in February, I see that 50 of the 85 posts I have written have been on the subject of Boris Johnson. In any other forum that would count as an obsession. If I had been sending them as letters to my local newspaper then I would be regarded as a loon. And if I had sent them to the man himself I would have been visited by the police.

But for whatever reason it seems that it is perfectly acceptable to do these things online. During the course of the campaign I have come across some other bloggers who have taken their obsession even more seriously than me and a few others who have even been paid to take us on.

Of course there are some other people who have had an equivalent obsession with Ken Livingstone. The most famous of these is Andrew Gilligan. Gilligan has seemingly devoted his entire life over the last year to Ken Livingstone's destruction. Whether he has been successful or not we will see tomorrow, but for Gilligan himself the obsession has proved a winner.  Last year it even earned him the title of Journalist of the Year, and a Boris win tomorrow would bring him even further success. 

Because we should make no mistake about it, a victory for Boris would be an even bigger victory for Gilligan and the Standard. As newspaper sales decline, and as almost every pundit predicts their demise, a Boris victory would be a huge demonstration of the continuing power of the Tory press. 

And despite what all of the commentators say, a Boris victory would show that there is very little that a huge monopoly combined with over-hyped stories and false headlines can achieve. Quite simply, a victory against Boris would be an even bigger victory against the Daily Mail group and everything that they stand for.

And if that is not a good enough reason alone for you to turn up to vote tomorrow then I have another 49 you should take a look at.


asquith said...

There was an interview with Gilligan in G2, did you see it? He seems like a right cunt to me.

Toneytony said...

I couldn't believe it when I read it. I had always assumed he was really intelligent but he came across as incredibly naive and a bit of a fool. He reckoned he wasn't too close to Boris but then started calling him Bozza. A bit creepy