Friday, 18 April 2008

Andrew Gilligan takes his eye off Boris Johnson's balls-up

There have been so many Boris Johnson Tipp-Ex moments recently that even Andrew Gilligan seems to have lost sight of them. Writing in his daily editorial/hate-mail to Ken Livingstone, Gilligan once again poured scorn on the foreign business embassies that City Hall have set up across the globe.

He wrote: "Among the things Ken takes too seriously (and Mr Miliband should sympathise here) is foreign policy, not really the job of a glorified local council. London does not need overseas embassies in such key world capitals as Havana and Caracas."

Which is all very well, except for the small fact that Gilligan's mate Boris Johnson now supports these embassies.

Of course you can hardly blame Gilligan for not realising. His mate Boris has been ridiculing the embassies for months. At the recent Tory conference he mocked them as 'vainglorious' adventures and pledged to scrap them. 

Quite what his objection to them was he never made clear, but it certainly wasn't based on conversations with the business community. In fact it was finally talking to that community which forced him to realise what a blunder he had made. 

At the recent business hustings, city representatives laid in to Boris for his opposition, informing him that the embassies had in fact brought in millions of pounds worth of investment into the capital. After this bruising encounter Boris' team had to make yet another turnaround. Boris' opposition was dropped and support for the centres was quietly slipped onto page 13 of Boris' business manifesto. 

The covert nature of this maneuver probably explains why investigative journalist of the year Andrew Gilligan failed to notice the turnaround. For a man whose career is based on not taking proper notes and on opening forwarded emails, the complex act of reading a manifesto was probably a bit beyond him.

But then maybe he had some other thoughts on his mind...


Chris said...

It's not that 'Blinky' Gilligan doesn't take notes when he's talking to someone, it's just that he takes them months after he's spoke to them. It doesn't say much for British journalists if he is the best of them

Anonymous said...

It's a shame he has made himself look so desperate to get rid of Livingstone. he could have been a good journalist, but he's let personal feelings get in the way plus I can't get past all the dr kelly stuff which he never said sorry over and now hes after someone else