Friday, 4 April 2008

Boris Johnson and the Tipp-Ex Pot

When I first watched this piece of Boris Johnson propaganda I was mostly struck by how neatly it ticked all of his campaign boxes. However, on closer inspection it seems that it is yet another example of a Boris fluff-up and cover up.

The film opens with Boris standing in front of one of his favourite buses. He begins his crime and gangs schtick as usual, but when it comes to quoting some figures, the camera cuts away and an obvious overdub is put on top. 

Before you can even stop to think, the camera's back on Boris and off we go again on a non-stop journey of nodding and shoulder patting.

Now it is hardly a revelation that Boris gets his figures wrong. He has got them wrong many times before on his favourite topic of buses and he will no doubt get them wrong many times again. But what is really interesting is that his campaign should have to cover up for him so transparently, and on his own political broadcast as well.

All of which doesn't bode very well for the future. I can just see him chairing the London Assembly now. Boris sits down and fuzzles through his papers. He starts to bluster through some new announcement when suddenly a hidden voice peeps out: 

"I think what Boris meant to say was..."

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Anonymous said...

Boris would be a *overdubs* good *overdubs* mayor who would do *overdubs* lots of *overdubs* work

Anonymous said...

Tell you what's funnier still though - criticise Boris over 'dubbing' at least Ken shoots from the hip and still comes across as an *ssh*le. ;)

Most ridiculous thing to point out ever when people will go video for video with you on them.

Boris for Mayor!

The Tory Troll said...

I could go into a youtube duel with you if you would like, but then everything would get a bit too postmodern and and I'm about to eat dinner.

I tell you what, if you spot any other gems then maybe you can put them on your own blog and then other people can anonymously comment 'ridiculous' on them.

Loz said...

Without wishing to stand up for the blonde muppet (and not being able to check the clip in question right now) is the overdub because the noise of the departing bus drowns out what he recorded in situ?

The Tory Troll said...

No, the bus doesn't move.