Friday, 25 April 2008

Boris Johnson: Even I'm scared of my minders

There's a fascinating article on Boris Johnson's campaign in The Guardian today. Nicholas Watt and Sam Jones run through Boris' progression from failed clown to heavily minded but potentially successful clown. 

The article neatly summarises much of what we already know but there are also some new and interesting insights. These are that:

Boris Johnson was effectively chosen as the Tory candidate by The Evening Standard editor Veronica Wadley.

Boris' minders are being paid on a commission basis. The fewer the gaffes, the higher the pay.

Boris admits that even he is intimidated by his minders.

Lynton Crosby is paying a PR company to 'round on journalists who fail to portray Johnson in a flattering light.' Hmm does that sound familiar to you?

Overall, the impression is of a slightly confused man being forced to say and do things that are completely out of his character. The combined forces of Lynton Crosby's marshalling and David Cameron's political correctness have turned an outspoken, controversial but entertaining and likable man into a shadow of his former self. 

Watching people laugh at, rather than with Boris is a sad sight and watching him completely deny and efface his own views has made many think worse of a man who they once enjoyed to watch and listen to.

But these are side issues. Boris' future is far less important than the future of London. And what London needs is a leader, not a man who is constantly led.

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angelneptunestar said...

Tory Troll, here is another word you need to explain...

CYBERSQUATTER. Who the deuce is coming up with this vocabulary and where do they live, GEEK HELL?