Thursday, 24 April 2008

Boris Johnson: Everyone in Islington is burgled

Boris Johnson was slammed by a crime expert today after he told an audience that 'everyone' in Islington has been burgled.

Boris made the extraordinary claim that every Islington residence has been broken into, at the launch of his crime mapping initiative. According to The Telegraph, Boris was angrily corrected by Crime expert and head of the Jill Dando Institute, Professor Gloria Leylock:

"That's not true," the outraged Professor told him. "Not everyone in Islington has been burgled."

Of course if Boris' claims had been true there would have been no need for him to introduce crime mapping at all. Homeowners wouldn't need to bother searching a computer to see if they were likely to be burgled. They could just sit and wait for the inevitable.

In fact Boris Johnson has a record of making these extraordinary claims. At almost every debate and on almost every video that he has made so far, he makes the claim that there are classrooms in London where every child has been mugged. He has never put forward any evidence.

Similarly there is also a Webcameron video that states that Hackney is statistically more dangerous than Soweto. This claim has since been proved to be completely untrue, but the Tories have so far failed to take down the video.

Boris' boss David Cameron has also made questionable claims. After he spent time as a classroom assistant last year, he told a story about a drunk and violent pupil in one of his speeches. However, the facts of the story were later vigorously denied by the school.

So when Boris and the Tories make these claims do they know or care that they are false. Or like their election guru Lynton Crosby, do they have some other thoughts on their mind?


Toneytony said...

It doesn't matter because as he said in the ITV debate, he will cut crime by 100%. That's right, no more crime under Boris. Well, apart from the crime of blatant LIES that is.

Anonymous said...

You're assuming that he has any thoughts on his mind. The man's a bimbo airhead. VOTE FOR ANYONE ELSE!