Monday, 28 April 2008

Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone and the Tory Troll on the Sky News debate

I've peeled myself off the chalet floor, put on some clean clothes and now I'm off to join the audience of the Sky News debate in London.

This will be the last chance for Londoners to see Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone and Brian Paddick tearing chunks out of each other and I'm going to be there to mop up the blood.

The three candidates have been slugging it out for weeks now, but none of the candidates have delivered a killer blow. This is their last chance to do so and I'm hoping for something good. 

Recent debates have not been particularly revealing and as last week's Question Time clearly demonstrated, the questions fired at the three candidates have become depressingly repetitive. 

I think that we can all now quite happily get to the end of this race without having to hear yet another question about al-Quardawi or the BNP. And if Boris Johnson murders that joke about the European space agency one more time tonight then there will be one very unhappy troll in the audience.

There have also been lots of areas that we haven't heard much about at these events. Housing in particular has been skimmed over and I'm hoping that there will be much more on that tonight. Boris Johnson has pledged to scrap Ken's affordable affordable housing target and last week hinted that he would sell off even more of London's council housing. These are huge issues in a city as expensive as London and it's about time Boris was put under some pressure on this. 

If you've got Freeview then you can watch it live from 7.30. Sky have assembled a panel of pundits and there will be in depth coverage after the debate until 10. It's good to see that Sky are taking the event so seriously and that they have scheduled it for a prime time slot. If only the BBC had taken their own debate as seriously then we wouldn't have had such a dud of a Question Time as we had last week.

So make sure you tune in tonight and keep your eye out for a tall, handsome and angry blogger in the crowd. I will be back with my report on proceedings tomorrow.

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