Thursday, 24 April 2008

A 'Christian Choice' is your own, Alan Craig.

With all eyes on the three stooges it is easy to ignore some of the more sinister Mayoral candidates on the ballot. One of these shady figures is Alan Craig of The Christian Choice.

Now first of all you're probably thinking: what can he possibly have against Christians? They're all jolly nice neighbour-loving granny-hugging people aren't they? What possible harm could their choice, their Christian choice, do to our city?

To find out I took a look at their party political broadcast. It all starts off very nicely. Christians of different colours throw a bouncy ball around a green and smily London. As we look on Alan Craig says:

"London is a great city, a global city, but it also needs hope. And that is why I am running for Mayor and the Assembly as The Christian Choice. I have a powerful sense of commitment to God through my faith. It's the love of Christ that motivates much of the good going on in this city."

So far, so 'Heaven & Earth' on Sunday mornings. But suddenly the mood changes. Craig starts talking about 'fear' and 'mistrust' in the 'rat-race' of London. You suddenly become aware that the airy guitar soundtrack is stuck in an oppressive loop and that the bouncy ball is now traveling of it's own accord. We're no longer in friendly hopeful London but in the scary village in sixties television thriller 'The Prisoner.' And over our shoulders  Rover is coming down the street.

Craig then tells us that our problems are caused by the "aggressive secularisation" of London, brought about by the shady "secular elite." They are breaking up our families and drugging up our children. What do they know about what is moral and is right? 

It's time to forget those 'me-driven market economics' chaps and come together in a circle to choose the Christian Choice. And if you're still unsure about who the right candidate for London Mayor is, then open up your Holy Book:

"Just look at what the Bible says. Whenever I read it I'm always amazed at how concrete it's advice is. It tells us exactly what we need to know to do the right things in our daily lives."

And this is where my problem with Craig and The Christian Choice is. There is nothing inherently wrong in his agenda. It is a pro-family, anti-abortion Conservative agenda the like of which the Ann Widdecombes of this world would happily sign up to. 

But by labelling themselves 'The Christian Choice' and by using the Bible as an arbiter of political opinion, they are trying to manipulate people's religious and moral consciences for the purpose of political power. On their website they go even further and explicitly tie Craig's candidacy to the will of God. they say that:

"A vote for Alan Craig of The Christian Choice can put the name of Christ officially onto the Greater London Authority."

It is precisely this kind of manipulation that has made religion and politics such a toxic brew in the United States. Power is gained through religious allegiance and politicians then use that allegiance to push through hardline Conservative agendas in the name of the God almighty. 

And in Craig's case, that agenda is the full scale clash of civilisations. Central to Craig's manifesto is the fight against the 'Mega Mosque' in East London. An aim he shares fully with the National Front and the BNP and an aim which is made no more palatable by hearing it from our 'good neighbours' the Christian Choice.

So if you are a practicing Christian going to vote next week, I hope that you make your own choice as to who should be London Mayor. 

Because a Christian's political choice is their own and neither Alan Craig, nor Jesus Christ himself, should tell you how you should make it.

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First Alan Craig, then the creationists...