Thursday, 17 April 2008

David Cameron 'smeared' by snotty youth

I have been thinking for a while that David Cameron must be feeling a bit left out of late.

Boris and Brown have been blocking up the airwaves and clotting up the daily rags.

Which makes it all the more gratifying that it should be this story that is spreading him across the papers again. 

Whoever said kids don't understand politics?

-UPDATE- Now a kid has
thrown an egg at William Hague. I DO hope this is turning into a trend ;)
Have you been involved in a senior tory/mucus-related incident? If so The Tory Troll wants to hear about it


Toneytony said...

Good to have you back Dave ;)

Anonymous said...

THREE anti-Boris stories in the Standard today… remarkable.

…Boris says that he would reverse the smoking ban in pubs…. Then admits he’s taken £10k from the Tobacco industry…..

… then he admits on hidden camera that his “£8 million” bendy bus replacements will actually cost £100 millon… (although you've covered this!)

…. Then he tells an asian presenter that he can ‘out ethnic’ her!

The Tory Troll said...

Hmm yes. None of them got more than a few lines though except for the asian one which is a bit of a non-story. Deliberately so, no doubt.

Strange also that these three should all be sneaked out today, the day after they put that unbelievable headline on the front page.

Anyone would think they were trying to prevent getting sued.