Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Evening Standard Accuse Ken Livingstone of Suicide Pact

The Evening Standard's crusade against Ken Livingstone descended into farce today after it ran a front page claiming that Ken's campaign is run by suicide bombers.

The headline running across the majority of the the front page and on banners across the city, read:

Suicide Bomb Backer Runs Ken's Campaign

Which sounded bloody scary. Unless of course you actually happened to read the article, whereupon you realised the headline should have read:

Suicide Bomb Backer NOT running Ken's Campaign

It's an easy mistake to make of course. My own headline for this post almost ran as 
"Evening Standard Run by Nazi Zombies," until I realised that the Evening Standard ISN'T run by Nazi Zombies. 

You see it's a frustrating game this journalism business. On the one hand your readers expect hard-hitting reports on current events, and on the other hand, it would be quite nice to report that The Evening Standard is run by Nazi Zombies. You see if only I could get past that old bugger: 'The Truth', then this blog could be just as successful as the Evening Standard. 

Until that time though I will just have to settle for the facts. Unfortunately for the blog and for you, that means that I have to report that Ken Livingstone's campaign is NOT being run by suicide bombers and The Evening Standard is NOT being run by Nazis brought back from the grave. 

If only I was better at telling lies...


Anonymous said...

Azzam Tamimi supports suicide bombers and leads 'Muslims For Ken'. Are you disputing any of that?

"An advocate of suicide bombing is among leaders of a group trying to mobilise Muslim voters to back Ken Livingstone, the Standard reveals today.

For the past year, the group has been working on a strategy to win anestimated 200,000 Muslim votes in an effort to re-elect the Mayor.

It includes a campaign of vilification aimed at his Conservative rival,Boris Johnson. It is being waged by Muslims 4 Ken, led by 39-year-oldlecturer Anas Altikriti and Palestinian-born Azzam Tamimi, a supporterof Hamas, the militant group dedicated to the creation of an Islamicstate of Palestine.
While Mr Altikriti says he abhors violenceand favours dialogue to further the Muslim cause, Mr Tamimi has praisedsuicide bombers and said he would volunteer for a suicide mission in Palestine.
'For us Muslims martyrdom is not the end of things,but the beginning of the most wonderful of things,' he has said. 'If Ican go to Palestine and sacrifice myself I would do it. Why not?'
Muslims 4 Ken moves into overdrive this week after months of lobbying for Mr Livingstone among Muslim community leaders, in mosques and among political organisations.
The Islamic alliance backing the Mayor is based in east London and has already drawn on wide support from the area's Bangladeshi community. Muslims 4 Ken grew from Mr Livingstone's links with activists and his generous sponsorship of Muslim causes. Mr Altikriti was instrumental in the Mayor's patronage of Yusufal-Qaradawi, the Islamic cleric who was welcomed by Mr Livingstone toCity Hall. The Mayor's critics believe his praise of Mr al-Qaradawi was part of a cynical plan to exploit the Muslim vote. Mr al-Qaradawi isbanned from Britain over fears his presence may not be conducive to'security and peace'.

The last two weeks of the election campaign will see a sustained attack on Mr Johnson based on claims thathe is anti-Islam. Volunteers have been supplied with quotes from hisjournalism over the past 15 years in which he appears to be critical of Islam.

The quotes are deluging internet forums and form part ofmessages posted in texts and emails sent to exhort Muslims to vote forMr Livingstone."

The Tory Troll said...

Is Muslim's for Ken 'Ken's campaign?' NO

So it is completely misleading and arguably libelous to post a headline "SUICIDE BOMB BACKER RUNS KEN'S CAMPAIGN' regardless of any clarification within the article.

Azzam Tamini is not running Ken's campaign any more than the BNP are running Boris' campaign. When the BNP came out in support of Boris, did the Evening Standard then run with a headline:

Nazi Organisation run Boris' Campaign

Thought not.

Elisabeth said...

The didn't have to run a headline like that because Boris immediately denounced the BNP and rightly so.

Ken, on the other hand, hasn't said a word against groups like Muslims for Ken which could lead one to believe he tacitly approves of suicide bombing in Israel.

The Tory Troll said...

Yes, Ken approves of suicide bombing!

That probably is what you would think if you read nothing but The Evening Standard and the Daily Mail.

Otherwise you might just think that the Evening Standard are running a smear campaign against a man who just might get rid of their monopoly.

No, my mistake. Ken is a baby boiling, suicide bomber.