Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Guardian on No-Show BoJo

It looked like the press might never turn up, but today's Guardian shows that even they have now noticed the phenomenon that is No-Show BoJo.

In a full page article, Matthew Taylor and Sam Jones pick up the trail of the increasingly elusive mayoral candidate and find that Boris Johnson's pull-out of tonight's hustings is just one of three similar no-shows in recent weeks.

The list includes Radio Four's Any Questions and an earlier 'Property Week' hustings where affordable housing was to be on the top of the agenda.

The article follows a public row between Team Boris and London's favourite entertainment and listings guide Time Out, who are sponsoring tonight's event. Team Boris had accused the magazine of lying about the pull-out which prompted this angry response from the editor.

So with only a few weeks until the election Boris is already causing disappointment, anger and disarray. Which forces the question: is he really going to get any better than this?


Toneytony said...

Someone go and give him a poke will they. Does he even realise he's running for MAYOR? I know he probably doesn't know what the job involves but he must know that it involves turning up occasionly.

angelneptunestar said...

Are you crazy? It is Ken who isn't turning up to things, read my list!

On the vital issue of gun, knife and gang crime, Ken could not be bothered to attend the Islington Commission on safety on 11th Feb. He was a NO SHOW.

On 21st Feb. at the UK Youth Parliament visit at Ministry of Sound, SE1, kEN WAS A NO SHOW.

On 15th March, the Federation of Small business hustings at Hammersmith - NO KEN.

29 March, Peace Tree Event, at Damilola Taylor Centre, disgustingly, NO KEN. Boris Johnson visited every stall and talked to families who had lost loved ones through knife crime.

Ken has now pulled out of the Centre for Social Justice Hustings and he wil not be fronting the NO2ID Hustings.

Not good behaviour for a London Mayor.

The Tory Troll said...

Thanks for posting angel neptune star

but i already received the press release thanks.

angelneptunestar said...

Just setting the record straight, Tory Troll. As they say in the film "L.A. confidential", THE FACTS JACK, JUST THE FACTS!