Friday, 4 April 2008

Ken Livingstone in Loving Father Shocker

The 'revelation' that Ken Livingstone is a loving father of five will have shocked many. From what we have read in recent months I was expecting to find that he was the love-child of satan.

Ken's decision to pre-empt the story stopped most of the crowing of course. The Sun as ever had a good stab at it although their heart didn't seem to be in it. Others were more reservedBut as part of the much heralded 'positive' campaign for Boris, this story was particularly depressing fare.

It follows previous startling revelations that Ken drinks whisky, hates New Labour and is quite fond of socialism. But what was most interesting about this story was the admission that this was an 'open secret' in Westminster. Roughly translated this means that everybody knew Ken had five children, but nobody was bothered enough to write about it.

The anonymous hustings heckler also crowed about further revelations. But what is becoming increasing clear is that the campaign for Boris will do anything to keep Ken in the papers and Boris out of the spotlight.

However, despite their best efforts it now looks like London will finally get a chance to see Boris under pressure. 

After a number of reports on the No-Show BoJo phenomenon, Team Boris have finally relented and put their candidate forward for Question Time. This is great news and as long as he turns up, Londoners should finally get a chance to see Boris put under pressure.

One thing's for certain though. Boris' briefers will have a busy few weeks ahead of them.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail can exclusively reveal that one of Ken's children is 'a happy and successful fifteen year old boy who he sees regularly.' It just gets more and more shocking!


angelneptunestar said...

I am not a Ken supporter but I totally support his right to a private life and his right to protect his kids. NOBODY'S BUSINESS.

May i also say how stupid this Boris took coke smear is? HE NEVER TOOK COKE. Somebody waved a white substance under his nose and he coughed. The BJ nose was totally unsullied, end of story. He quipped "It was probably icing sugar".

I don't agree with the smear that Boris doesn't turn up to things, because that is out of order. He has been working his butt off.

He couldn't atend the Time Out gig because they changed the date. End of story.

Is this story being put around because Ken has failed to attend:

the Islington Commission of Safety.

the UK Youth Parliament visit at Ministry of Sound.

the Fed. of Small Business hustings at Great Russell Street.

The Peace Tree event at the Damilola Taylor centre.

He has also withdrawn from the Centre for social Justice Hustings and another hustings he was going to front...the No2lD event.

Boris made or will make an appearance at all of the above and visited every stall at the Peace Tree event to talk to those who had suffered the loss of a loved one.

WHERE IS KEN? You need to put the correct slant on this story, it is no way Blris who has been butting out on events.

The Tory Troll said...

Oh dear it was all going so well: you agreeing with me over something, and then it fell apart.

Let me say again: I already got the press release that you have cut and pasted into this section. And if you're going to rant about something can you keep it to the subject of the post. Otherwise it is just astroturfing and that's not nice.

(quote from the actual press release rather than your rehash: "londoners are starting to ask - "Where is Ken?")

You have to admire the sheer brassneckery of handing that out at a hustings that Boris has pulled out of.

As for the coke stuff, you will note that I haven't posted on it. That's because it matters not one bit to me that the top 3 most powerful Tories have all done coke.