Thursday, 3 April 2008

Team Boris: "Goodbye Mugabe, Next is Ken"

Boris Johnson's 'positive' campaign came on leaps and bounds last night after a campaign member compared Ken Livingstone to a Zimbabwean mass-murderering dictator.

Campaigners wearing 'Back Boris' t-shirts surrounded the entrance to the Time Out hustings as their leader read out slogans from a printed list. As his colleagues thrust leaflets into the hands of passers-by, he called out:

"Goodbye Mugabe / Next is Ken / Let's make London Smile again."

As the hustings began he stood silently by the side of the hall and watched the candidates take swipes at his absent leader. But as the debate went on he found his courage, looked down at his sheet and read out persistent heckles across the backs of an increasingly irritated crowd. When asked to be quiet he pleaded:

"But I have some really important things to say about the BNP."

---UPDATE--- Stop Boris now has some photographic evidence. So Mr Jonathan Hoffman. Was it you who typed up this chant or did somebody else give it to you? Email


Anonymous said...

It was me. The important things I had to say were how to stop the BNP. You must get everyone you know who lives in London to register (deadline 16 April) and to vote. Most people do not know that EU and Commonwealth citizens can vote on May 1. So it you know any EU and Commonwealth citizens who live in London, tell them to register. The more people vote, the less chance of the BNP getting on the Assembly. Instead of smearing Boris' supporters, who do Ken supporters not join in to "stop the BNP"? I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...



"who do Ken supporters not join in to "stop the BNP"?"


"why do Ken supporters not join in to "stop the BNP"?

The Tory Troll said...

Your eloquence is as deafening as it was last night.

Stop Boris said...

Assuming our anonymous friend here was thinking of Boris opponents in general when he said 'Ken supporters', can I draw his attention to the fact that has contained, since launch, pages about stopping the BNP and getting EU/Commonwealth citizens to register to vote - hardly shirking our responsibilities in this area.

We want to make sure that the far-right, offensive, divisive, objectionable candidate for Mayor doesn't get elected - and neither does the BNP candidate (ho ho - that was a joke by the way - we know Boris isn't actually as bad as the BNP, before anyone suggests we don't - although Lynton Crosby is encouraging Boris's campaign to adopt a number of BNP-style dishonest tactics).

The Tory Troll said...

Dave Hill has named the poster above as Jonathan Hoffman. Is that you Jonathan above? If so I completely agree with your thoughts on the BNP.

However, I don't think you do the cross-party consensus any favours by the other comments you have made. Comparing Ken to Mugabe is just as offensive as say comparing Boris to Hitler. These kinds of comments, especially when chanted around London don't do anyone any favours.

angelneptunestar said...

Totally agree with you guys on the BNP and so does Boris. He does nto want their supporters' votes at any price and has issued a statement to that effect.