Monday, 14 April 2008

Why we only have two days to stop Boris Johnson

Today's Yougov poll shows a halving of Boris Johnson's lead. The dramatic shift in voting intentions comes after a week of poor performances and makes the next few days crucial in holding Boris back.

However, despite this change, a real danger lies in voters not bothering to register at all. With only two days to go, much of the press coverage is encouraging people not to care. The 'they're all as bad as each other' sentiment is spreading dangerously fast. 

Unfortunately for London, this is far more likely to benefit Boris and the BNP. In fact despite all of Boris' statements that voters should register to keep out the far right, his campaign team know full well that a low turnout will work in their favour.

In order to achieve this, they have concentrated on attacking Ken, and on keeping Boris on a tight leash. The hope is that Ken's supporters will be persuaded not to vote, while their own core voters will stick with them by default. As Ealing Conservative councillor Phil Taylor wrote of his campaigning in Northfield:

"We swapped banter with the station staff trying to sort them out. One was for Boris the other wasn't - but then he wasn't for Livingstone either. That's how you win modern elections. You persuade your opponent's voters to stay at home. Too many of Livingstone's will I am sure."

Because if the Conservatives can sufficiently demoralize their opponents voters then Boris will sneak into City Hall. As recent polls show, it may only be by a small margin, but a small margin will be enough. And while the Yougov poll shows that some of Livingstone's supporters are returning to the fold and that some Conservative supporters are losing faith in Boris, it will all be too late if enough do not register to vote.

So if you or your friends and family haven't registered yet, you need to do so now. You cannot register after this Wednesday, so you need to stop putting it off and do so today.

Register to Vote at London Elects

-Registration ends on Wednesday-

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angelneptunestar said...

TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS. We want a democratic result, not someone sneaking in through the apathy of Londoners.

In my doctor's surgery yesterday, I was filling in waiting time drumming up votes, for Boris obviously.

One lady said she was so upset Ken got in last time. I said "Did you vote?" and she said "NO".

If everyone lived in Zimbabwe for a month, they would get their asses to a polling station PDQ.