Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Boris Johnson Attendometer

Here at Tory Troll, we intend to be punctilious in our following of Boris Johnson's every move. With that in mind we are today launching the BoJo Attendometer© 

The Bojo Attendometer© uses the latest technology to bring to you best available industry statistics on No-Show BoJo. Evaluation of the appropriate data, by leading experts has shown that Boris' current rate of attendance at City Hall meetings is 50%. It is very early days of course, but this data is broadly in line with previous statistics. 

And if current projections continue, Boris looks likely to match or even exceed his previous record. 

In fact earlier studies have shown that our new Mayor has a tendency to a narrow majority of non-attendance. In his other job Boris has attended 45% of the votes in the Houses of Parliament, a figure well below the average for MPs. Data for his many other jobs is not available, although anecdotal evidence appears consistent.

So although his level on the Attendometer© is unlikely to be quite as bad as 45% after four years in  the job, you can rely on us here at the Tory Troll to continue to monitor the figures.

Raw Data:

Question Time 21/05/08: Attended
Standards Committee 20/05/08: Bunked


Toneytony said...

One out of two eh? That's not a bad start for Boris.

stevep said...

Well he couldn't very well not turn up for his own Question Time. Although its' not like he doesn't have enough deputies.

C.H Paul said...

The less he turns up the better. That way we might actually get some work done rather than waiting half an hour for the waffle to stop. God it was like 'just a minute' in the chamber yesterday, only it was 2 and a half hours. The assembly just couldn't wait to get rid of the blundering bastard and get on with some real work. 50% attendance maybe. 100% crap.definitely