Sunday, 11 May 2008

Boris Johnson: Goodbye Cronyism, Hello Nepotism

Faced with the task of actually having a strategy for running London, Boris Johnson has turned to the best possible man for the job: his brother.

The Independent today reports that Boris is considering handing his brother Jo the role of Director of Strategy. Quite how he came to this view is not yet clear, but presumably it came after tendering the role out to the family dinner table.

Also in for a job is Boris' father Stanley (above) who is the favourite to replace his son after he gives up his Henley seat. To be fair to his father, Stanley at least has some political experience having served as an MEP. Boris' brother Jo on the other hand has all the thorough strategic experience of putting together a column for the Financial Times.

Not wanting to miss her lick of the dish, Boris' sister Rachel has also been doing the rounds as her brother's unofficial spokesperson. 

On election night, the BBC cut away from Sian Berry's speech to bring us a mobile phone conversation with Rachel as she staggered around looking for George Osborne. The fact that she failed to find him however, detracted little from her live review of the party HQ's fine champagne and oysters.

Obviously warming to her new role, she then took a seat on the panel of BBC's Question Time. Once seated she helpfully proclaimed herself: 'physically (un)able to answer a question that's not about my brother,' which to be fair to her she went on to prove.

The news that Boris' brother may now soon enter City Hall comes after a week when it was revealed that roles had been given to Boris and Cameron's old pal from the Sunday Telegraph and an old fraudster from Eton.

So as Boris Johnson pads out his administration with uni mates, journo mates and now former playmates, you do have to wonder just what kind of new slate has been wiped clean at City Hall, and just what hopes are left for meritocracy with the Tories.

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