Friday, 30 May 2008

Boris Johnson hides salaries of 'transition team'

Boris Johnson promised a new era of tax-payer value and accountability, but now he is in power, he is refusing to say how much his 'transition team' of consultants and advisors will be paid.

Writing in response to a question from Darren Johnson, the new Mayor of London said that while details of his deputies' salaries had been released, 'it is not intended that the fees for these (other) individuals will be made public.'

Among the fourteen (above) 'consultants' being paid an unspecified sum from the public purse are members of top-flight public relations firm inHouse PR and a number of other members of Boris Johnson's election campaign team.

So while we now know that Boris's chief spin-doctor Guto Harri is being paid £124,364 for his services, we do not yet know how much the other spinners and fixers will receive.


stevep said...

What a hypocrite. How much did he bang on about 'legions of press officers' during the campaign. I guess the problem with them is that they weren't being paid enough, or weren't from among his chums.

Dave Cole said...

inHouse did Johnson's PR work during the election and were the press contacts throughout - their details were on every press release.

Mr. Stop Boris said...

At least one of inHouse is a Tory London councillor (Katie Perrior of Bexley - where they're apparently implementing large spending cuts, Meals on Wheels cutbacks, library evening closures etc. at the moment).

I'm sure the selection of his PR firm was based solely on merit though - definitely not a case of 'cronyism'... ;)

The Tory Troll said...

Dave- Mr S.B - Yes Kate Perrior of inHouse was apparently paid on a commission basis, whereby the less gaffes Boris made, the greater she would be paid. Strangely enough,one of the worst gaffes during the campaign was caused by her office and not Boris over the freedom pass. Maybe that wasn't part of the deal.

Artie Fufkin said...

I think you have to accept Boris is doing exactly what he said he'd do. He does seem to be paring back the excesses of Red Ken's cronyism and so far, Boris hasn’t been sucking up to murderers, making highly suspect oil deals which in no way should be in the remit of a jumped up local councillor.

The Tory Troll said...

'I think you have to accept that Boris is doing exactly what he said he'd do.'

And how's that Mr. Fufkin?

Boris said he would reveal all expenses and make the financing of City Hall transparent 'from day one.' Hiding the salaries of your PR team without even giving a reason is hardly the transparency we were told about.

As for cronyism, there has been more of that on display in City Hall since Boris came to power than you could shake a 'policy exchange' pamphlet at.

BenSix said...

There's a quick rallying cry on BorisWatch about some possible (and mercifully minimal) progressive action regarding advisers fees.

It's quicker, cheaper and less hard on the limbs than marching.