Friday, 16 May 2008

Boris Johnson: The new burgemeester van Londen

The view of our new Burgemeester Boris Johnson from our tulip-growing, reefer-smoking, clog-wearing friends across the sea (no stereotypes here then;)


Anonymous said...

'Hij is precies.'

lol. It didn't take long for them to figure him out.

Lolly said...

So our mayor's an international joke now. Maybe we can just put him in a hanging basket over the Thames and charge Japanese tourists to throw sponges at him.

Mr. Stop Boris said...

Do you know what 925people actually is? It sounds from a bit of searching like it's some sort of new web site soon to launch at that is somehow linked to Dutch TV presenter Jort Kelder, who apparently used to edit a magazine called Quote.

It certainly seems to be somehow semi-professional as they've sourced very high quality recordings of some of those clips, unless my eyes are mistaking me and they're just the usual lifted-from-YouTube ones.

It's bizarre how in the middle it suddenly cuts to a clip from that video I put together for that bloke's Cure-based song. I never imagined as I filmed that fast zoom out from City Hall that it would one day feature in a Dutch video! Nice.