Thursday, 8 May 2008

Boris Johnson to be advised by convicted fraudster

Boris Johnson has had meetings with a convicted fraudster and fellow old Etonian about his plans for London's transport system.

The Telegraph are reporting that Boris met Lord Brocket for dinner last month and that the he will address a presentation to Team Boris in the coming weeks.

Brocket hit the healdlines when he was convicted for conspiracy to defraud an insurance company of £54,500,000 in 1996. The scam only came to light after Brocket's wife was arrested for forging drug prescriptions and then confessed all to the police.

Brocket's attempted fraud involved dismantling and hiding four Ferraris and then reporting them as stolen to the police. Brocket served two and a half years in prison and now works as a motivational speaker.

Of course Boris Johnson is no stranger to convicted fraudsters. His much reported relationships with Darius Guppy, and Conrad Black have caused him many problems over the years. 

However, I didn't expect that Boris would be seeking their advice once he became the Mayor of London. Nor did I think that it would come to light on the very day that he has announced a panel charged with 'cleaning out City Hall.'

So a word of advice Boris. If you're looking to mop up alleged waste and corruption from City Hall, then maybe you should start by not letting any more through the front door.

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Anonymous said...

But it's Boris he can't possibly be bad no? He's a LEGERRRND!!!

He's probably just friends with the fraudsters because he has such a good heart.