Thursday, 1 May 2008

Boris Johnson to stay on in Henley

Boris Johnson will stay on as a Henley MP even if he becomes London Mayor, The Times revealed today. The announcement will raise further questions about Boris' commitment to London, and his ability to run the capital. 

The Evening Standard have already questioned whether Boris' decision to chair the Metropolitan Police Authority as well as the mayoralty would be an overstretch.  This new announcement that he would effectively have three jobs is therefore extremely worrying. 

And if that were not enough, Boris has also not ruled out returning to the Telegraph.

Of course Boris has notoriously found it difficult to hold down the jobs that he has had and his managerial style is said to be laissez-faire at best and non-existent at worst. Quite how he will manage to successfully hold down three full-time and highly demanding jobs, two of which he has no experience in, is not clear. 

But if not enough people turn out to vote today, then we will soon find out.

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chris said...

How can he manage 4 jobs when he hasn't been able to manage one? He's been sacked twice already. The problem is if he becomes mayor there's no way of sacking him he will be in for 4 years good or bad.