Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Boris Johnson told to 'correct' breaches of GLA act

Boris Johnson has been told to 'correct' his apparent breaches of the GLA act in order to avoid any official investigations into the appointment of his new advisors.

The comments came during the first meeting of the City Hall committee charged with dealing with complaints about assembly members and the Mayors conduct. And in what may become a running theme, Boris Johnson failed to attend.

Referring to the legal mess surrounding the appointment of both Kit Malthouse, who is  a sitting assembly member, and Simon Milton who is a sitting councillor, committee member Len Duval said:
"There have been at least two issues of a breach of the GLA Act. We need to get together now and make sure that this is corrected so that an official complaint does not need to be made. It is quite clear there is a problem."
In Boris' Johnson's place was the Deputy Mayor for Government Relations Ian Clement who is one of the few members of Boris' new administration whose appointment has not so far been criticised or had its legality questioned. Speaking on behalf of the Mayor, Clement said that Boris wished to herald in an era of 'clarity and transparency.' 

Quite how this is to be achieved when the appointment of two of his top advisors may not even be legal and when the Mayor himself cannot even be bothered to turn up to meetings was not made clear. However, Ian Clement made as good a stab at it as was possible in the circumstances.

Sadly without Boris' generous presence the meeting became a little dry. In fact to say it became a little dry is like saying the Thames has become a little damp. So dry did it become in fact that members of the press began their own impromptu meeting in the gallery. Independent Member Simon Green got a little peeved with this and interrupted the Chair to complain about the 'chatting' going on behind him. The chair quickly broke up the rival committee and all order was restored.

It was perhaps in anticipation of the meeting's dryness that the famously wayward Boris Johnson decided not to attend. Although the thought of having to answer questions about breaking the GLA Act after only a few weeks in office was probably not much of an incentive either. 

However, Londoners' long wait to see their new Mayor in action will come to an end tomorrow morning when he will face the full assembly for his monthly Question Time. Questions over his new appointments have not been put on the agenda unfortunately, nor have Barnbrook's calls to ban the promotion of black and brown cab drivers. 

However, if all goes well (and he turns up) there should be at least some answers to the many questions we have posed here at The Troll. Just don't expect any final answers on those disappearing Routemasters.


c.h paul said...

Ian Clement seems like a good choice. Dependable solid kind of guy. Does all the work other people don't bother to do. Perhaps that's why Boris chose him as his latest stooge. Poor bugger. Do you think we can swap them?

Anonymous said...

So he didn't turn up AGAIN?!! Was he doing one of his other four jobs perchance?

naysayer said...

Someone should tell him it's better to mess up one job rather than five.