Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Evening Standard on Boris Johnson Advisor Secrecy

The Evening Standard are finding out that surprise surprise, the new Boris Johnson administration is not the new transparent utopia they had made it out to be.

Writing on the paper's online only section (where else), Paul Waugh says of yesterday's deputy muddle:

"Given Boris's campaign pledge to end the "cronyism" and "secrecy" at City Hall, and publish on the internet as much information "from Day One" of his mayoralty, it was disappointing to find today that no one seemed to know what salaries the new deputies are on. It is, as Boris, would say, OUR money."

Also as yet unpublished are the actual roles of these gaggle of deputies and advisors. A small point that even the Evening Standard haven't been able to get out of them.

So let me ask you directly Boris: Why is it that Sir Simon Milton has been appointed as your 'senior adviser on planning', while your other four appointees have been given the title of 'deputy mayors?' Is it, as a commenter pointed out yesterday, because Milton is still retaining his job as chairman of the Local Government Association?

And if so, is there not a conflict of interest in your senior planning advisor, also chairing the Local Government Association, a group which lobbies on behalf of local councils? 

Perhaps this is what Boris meant when he said that he would 'work with the boroughs' to get more affordable housing. I knew it would probably mean less of that housing and more powerful councils, but I didn't know it would actually involve Boris paying their chief lobbyist.

Of course we don't yet know if Boris actually is paying Sir Simon Milton, because he hasn't deigned to tell us. It is possible that Milton has taken an unpaid post, which would explain him having a different title to the deputies. But if so, why won't the new team tell us? 

So it's time to open up now Team Boris. You told us Boris would 'Make London More Accountable,' so let's see some of that transparency we heard so much about.
Do you work at City Hall? Are you one of Boris' "dogs in the manger"? Are you waiting to be "euthanised"? If so, then The Tory Troll would really like to hear from you ;)


chris said...

When's that 'kitten killing' they were talking about going to start?

Only under the cover of darkness no doubt...

Anonymous said...

So much for the big tent he was briefing about. You notice how he announced Lewis first and then slipped all the big appointments out in one go (including the real deputy mayor.) maybe because the rest of them weren't so photogenic and maybe because they were just a little bit, oh I don't know, bog standard Thatcherite.