Friday, 16 May 2008

London voters in Boris Johnson Spam attack

Unsuspecting voters found a nasty surprise in their inboxes this polling day, when they received a piece of Back Boris spam.

Londoners who had signed up to the MyOffers competitions site got a different prize to the ones they had hoped for, when their details were sold on to Lynton Crosby's team, for an undisclosed sum.

One irate voter called Ned contacted The Troll to complain: 
"On the day of the mayoral ballot I was contacted by the Conservative party by e-mail and encouraged to vote for Boris Johnson. This in itself I imagine is none too unusual but it is the method of communication which I question. Some time ago I subscribed to a ‘competition site’ called My Offers. The e-mail was sent to me by ‘my offers’ on behalf of the conservative party even though I had not signed up for political or any other type of communication except to receive offers of competitions."
Closer inspection of the terms and conditions at MyOffers reveals that the company can indeed do as they please with users data. However, although users sign up to their information being shared, there is no hint that the 'third parties' will include political parties.

So while there is no suggestion that either MyOffers or The Conservatives have broken any laws here, a question still remains around the ethics of using such aggressive marketing or political spamming as a way to win votes.

And although this deal seems to have worked out well for the Tories in the end, it has had a less beneficial effect on the relationship between Ned and MyOffers:
"I signed up to win an Audi A3 originally and to receive details of any other similar competitions. However, needless to say after receiving their offer to vote for Boris Johnson I decided to remove my subscription."
I'm afraid Londoners are going to have to put up with that particular booby prize for a few years yet.


Tommy said...

What was the second prize? Two Boris Johnsons?

Anonymous said...

This happened to me! I was just about to go and vote and then Boris popped up from nowhere. Lol. Still didn't vote for him though.

Toneytony said...

Wow I love that selection of Spam you got there. i have got to get myself some of the garlic stuff.