Thursday, 15 May 2008

'The Londoner' is dead. Long live 'The Londoners'

As if a daily pat on the back from London's Quality Paper © was not enough, Boris Johnson has now secured a deal to write a weekly column in many of the capital's local rags.

Paul Waugh tells us that: "in another smart move, (Boris) will also write columns for local newspapers across the capital in an effort to get his message across."

It is not yet known whether our new Mayor will be reporting on the capital's tractor production quota or on the increased fortune's of London's pig-iron. However, it is fairly safe to assume that his columns will be not be overly critical of the regime. 

It is also not yet known which newspapers will be running Boris' column. However, it will almost certainly be hosted in the dozens of local London papers owned by the Daily Mail Group through their subsidiaries Northcliffe Media and Trinity Mirror. This is the same group of course that owns The Evening Standard, and two of London's freesheets, the London Lite and Metro.

Groundwork for this deal has been going on for some time. When Boris failed to turn up for the Time Out hustings he gave the excuse that he was meeting with London's local newspaper editors. Quite what he said over dinner isn't known, but whatever it was it seems to have done the trick.

So while it's easy to cheer the end of one propoganda sheet, let's not forget just what kind of media monopoly our new Mayor has built up for himself.


T said...

Not much of a surprise given that Boris is a journalist himself. The media have decided to get one of their own into power and it has worked. Now he has his monopoly it looks like we are stuck with him.

Now I wonder if he will renew the deal on the Metro?

asquith said...

I went to London yesterday on a work-related visit. I got my supervisor to buy a copy of the Evening Scum because I was curious about it, but didn't want to soil my own hands. It wasn't actually all that bad, but I can imagine it seeping into the heads of people who are old and poorly educated, and making them into right-wing drones.

The Tory Troll said...

You're right there is some good reporting in it. Unfortunately they sold their soul to the Conservative party a long time ago and now the paper is full or more Tory puff than a Oxford halls of residence.