Monday, 5 May 2008

Richard Barnbrook: The Great White Dope

When Richard Barnbrook stooped forward to give his victory speech this weekend, both the main candidates and the news channels left the stage. Which was a shame. Because a better demonstration of the real man's character and party could not have been found.

Now I have always thought that the 'no-platform' approach is wrong. To deny the far-right a voice is to give them a status that they do not deserve. 

But as it is, the vast majority of the almost 200,000 people that gave Barnbrook a first or second preference vote, have never seen him speak in public. For these voters, the fact that their man has seemingly been hidden by the media, will only have hardened his appeal.

Now if over the past few months Barnbrook had instead occupied the seat of Lindsey German at the various hustings and TV appearances, then his appeal could have been dramatically reduced. Rather than being seen as the maverick outsider speaking for the 'silent majority,' Barnbrook would have been exposed as the racist loudmouth that he is.

Unfortunately, the media enabled Barnbrook and the BNP to pose as victims of a vast conspiracy intent on hiding and destroying them. And the more they were kept out of the public eye, then the more they could then dismiss any revelations brought against them.

Because during the course of the campaign there were two major revelations about Barnbrook and his party. The first was that BNP candidate Nick Eriksen had written condoning rape and the assault of women and the second was that Barnbrook had been having an affair with an immigrant.

Now quite what effect these revelations had is far from clear, (although there had been predictions that the BNP would return three assembly seats). However, what is clear is that when Barnbrook stepped forward for his victory speech, he was easily able to dismiss those allegations as part of a left-wing conspiracy. 

The fact that these revelations came from the Daily Mail and the News of the World was conveniently ignored. For his army of supporters, he could pose as Richard the Lionheart battling against an army of media Saladins, and as the great white martyr fighting the dark dark arts of the press.

Now if instead of being hidden from us throughout the campaign, Barnbrook had been given his fair share of media scrutiny, then he would never have been able to adopt these martyr poses. Stripped of his lion suit, London would have seen the dark heart that lurked within. And forced into the heat of the spotlight, we could have seen the sweaty berk that he is.

So as Richard Barnbrook takes his seat on the London Assembly this Friday, the British press must take their responsibilties much more seriously. The complacent 'no platform' approach has delivered the BNP their biggest victory yet. It is now time that Richard Barnbrook and the BNP get the media attention that they really deserve.
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Anonymous said...

Does Barnbrook even realise who has just been elected mayor?

Anonymous said...

Richard Barnbrook will look after londoners far better than the sharia law mayor we just kicked out if only you lefty scum looked out your window at the scum on out streets then maybe London would be a better place. There was widespread election fraud otherwise BNP would have been in with a chance at Mayor. Go off cryiing with Ken and the Muslims. Scum