Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Richard Barnbrook shunned by London's youth

The British National Party's most powerful serving politician was stood up today by 100 young people he had arranged to meet at City Hall.

Last Sunday Richard Barnbrook visited Sidcup to recruit young people affected by the murder of Robert Knox. After returning from the visit he wrote on his Telegraph hosted blog that:

I have invited all of the young people there to come down to City Hall this Tuesday for 9:30 in the morning. This knife crime has to be stopped. If I have to bring a 100 young people into Boris's office then that is what I will do.

Yet as I stood waiting for the legions of Nazi youth to turn up, it soon became clear that nobody had taken him up on the offer.

In fact from when I arrived at just before 9.00 until when I left at just after 10.00, not a single young person came to join Barnbrook and his aides outside City Hall.

Because the BNP have boasted that Barnbrook's election is the latest step of a 'quiet revolution' that will bring them to power. 

But as I saw Dick shuffle silently back into City Hall, it became clear that this quiet revolution had just got that little bit quieter.


Toneytony said...

He is now officially the Iain Duncan Smith of the British Fascist movement.

"The quiet man will be turning up the volume..."

What was that Richard?

Anonymous said...

What a sad little man he is.

Rob said...

Possibly he attempted to get down with youth by texting them, and inadvertandly sent out pictures of his cock.


Jonathan Wood said...

What a fucking stupid fascist.

BenSix said...

Who's the bald fellow that often seems to tagging along with Wally?

Revamp said...

Looks like Lenin.

Anonymous said...

My what an obviously well educated and impartial bunch you are (not).

Like it or not, the BNP are on the rise, the sheeple are finally on to you communists.

Oh the times they are a chan-gin' :)

The Tory Troll said...

Shame those 'sheeple' wouldn't be herded by Barnbrook though eh? I guess you will have to wait a little while for the change you want mein anonynazi.

Mr. Excellence said...

The last thing they should do is start going to those disgusting lefty therapists for counselling to relive the trauma. Look at that word "therapist" the rapist....and that is what they do....the rape of the mind.

This extract from his Telegraph blog shows what a ranting lunatic he is.

Neville said...

We can criticise that odious little sh*t, but he WAS elcted to the GLA, and we can only defeat his sort by openly arguing against him in the public domain. There mustn't be ANY censorship of this man.

Darren said...

"Like it or not, the BNP are on the rise, the sheeple are finally on to you communists."

'sheeple'? 'you communists'?

Not the sharpest tool in the comments box.

lacertius said...

Why does anyone take any notice of the retarded social misfits of the British Nazi Party? The effort of all those ritual denunciations -- vile, odious, repulsive, foul, disgusting, odious, verminous, foul, repulsive, odious, vile -- really isn't worth it for such neanderthal scum. Unless, of course, the fine patriots of ZaNuLabour and ZaNuConsters are worried that their cosy division of power and spoils is under threat in some way from the neo-nazi knuckle-draggers. I know it's hard to believe, looking at Snot-Goblin Gordo and Dave the Spiv, that either is anything but a golden-hearted public servant, principled and selfless to the core, but there's SOME kind of anxiety at work in the attitude of their parties to the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Being a BNP member I think I will rise above any comment.
What a bunch of foul mouthed tow rags.

Anonymous said...

And not being a BNP member myself, I'm intrigued at what 'tow rags' are exactly - are they something transport-related?