Saturday, 24 May 2008

Richard Barnbrook wants more homeless Londoners

Richard Barnbrook of the BNP is fighting against the building of affordable homes in Barking and Dagenham because it will lead to 'more immigrants' living in the borough.

Barking and Dagenham is one of the most deprived boroughs in Lonson, but the British National Party's new star on the London Assembly is trying to prevent the building of thousands of new homes for low income people and key workers.

Barking Labour leader Cllr Fairbrass said earlier this week

"They voted against it. They also voted against Barking Riverside, where 4,300 affordable homes will be built.They will be social rented homes. That's the problem, they keep voting against them. There's no logic to it. It's as simple as that."

However a quick look at the BNP's London website reveals their logic all too clearly. Under the headline "Labour Government Builds Houses for More Immigrants in Barking and Dagenham," BNP Councillor and all-round yob Bob Bailey argues that 'key workers is a very loose term' and then argues that the houses will probably not go to those key workers anyway.

However, what the headline of the article reveals, is that it is not that the houses will not go to key workers, that is their problem, but that they will. 

Because the best available statistics show that ethnic minorities and immigrants are massively over-represented in 'key' job sectors such as social care and the NHS. And while ethnic minorities only make up around 10% of the population in Britain, they make up around 30% of staff in the NHS.

So while Barnbrook and the BNP pose as the friends of the working class, it is exactly those people that work the hardest in their borough that they would see without a home. And for every low-paid white person they keep out of a home is another opportunity for them to gerrymander a vote. 

Because the BNP have made gains across London by trading off of people's discontent. And the more people are kept out of buying their own homes, then the more they will reap the rewards at the polls.

So the next time Richard Barnbrook lectures the working class, from the comfort of his Blackheath flat, just remember that it is his interest and not theirs that he is really fighting for.


asquith said...

Happens every time. The BNP get elected by exploiting grievances they don't actually care about, understand, or have the slightest idea how to solve. Expect him to lose his seat very soon.

The sheer idiocy of people blaming immigrants for the lack of social housing, when surely if they want more social housing they should call for more to be built, amazes me.

I was in the capital yesterday, & made a point of drinking on the Tube. I didn't actually want the drink, but it was a principle. I must say I didn't enjoy the ride much!

The Tory Troll said...

Good on you. I haven't had a drink on the tube since Boris cast the stench of criminality over it. However, I will be joining some of the fellas from Liberal Conspiracy for a tube piss-up on the night before the ban comes in. Cos we're rebels with a cause (to get drunk without actually changng anything) which as everyone knows is the best cause there is ;)

Anonymous said...

This is the same Richard Barnbrook that set himself up with a false address in Barking so he could stand as a candidate and who now leaves that flat derelict while his constituents go without home. The man is a self-serving scumbag and should go back where he came from

Send the BNP home!

asquith said...

I'd love to take part in this business. But I'm a lifelong Stoke resident, so I can't just turn up. I've actually been to London twice this month (on bureau expenses), but I've got no plans to go back. Perhaps I never will :)

Anonymous said...

To be honest I don’t agree with building houses on the baking riverside. Barking riverside is a massive flood bank. It is common sense not to build it there although they could relocate the building site to another area in the borough. There are plenty of derelict buildings that need regeneration. I must admit I do disagree with smoking and drinking on the tube and busses. First thing in the morning or late at night when you are tired on your way home is pretty disgusting. I got on a train a few weeks ago and it smelt like drugs. Luckily I only had to go 4 stops. It did make me feel sick though. It shocking how ignorant and selfish people are today.