Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Richard Barnbrook's councillors may lose salaries

BNP Councillors in Barking and Dagenham, may lose a substantial part of their wages after they bunked a staggering number of meetings last year.

Some of the councillors in Richard Barnbrook's London stronghold only attended six council meetings in the entire year, meaning they pocketed the equivalent of £1600 for each one. With the average council meeting lasting only two hours, this means that the BNP councillors have been working for an astonishing £800 an hour. 

With such poor value for money, Barking and Dagenham Council are now considering clawing back some of the cash.

The worst attendance rate was racked up by Councillor Jamie Jarvis who attended only 26% of the meetings he was required to, making Boris Johnson's record look positively glowing. When confronted by the Barking and Dagenham post, one BNP councillor, Mr. Darren Tuffs explained that:

"A lot of the reason (I don't turn up) is that I run my own business, and don't always know what I'm going to be doing during the day. I would have to apologise to my constituents. I do try and get to the meetings, but various circumstances stop me."

Quite what those 'various circumstances' are is not made clear. However, the thought of his hourly pay going beneath the £800 mark may well have been a factor.

The six highest charting non-attendees on the Council are all unsurprisingly members of the British National Party. Leader of the group and London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook accepted that his members had an awful record. Speaking to the Post he said:

"I appreciate that my own councillors don't have great attendance"

Let's hope that your constituents appreciate that too.


Anonymous said...

The BNP councillors in Barking do the sum total of bugger all for their constituency. The only reason they got a seat was because they thought it would lead to them implementing the deportation of immigrants and minorities. When they discovered that it involved implementing rubbish collection and street lighting, they lost interest.

CarsmileSteve said...

councillors aren't salaried are they? i thought they get an allowance to cover expenses? whilst the BNP councillors may be taking this, let's not misdescribe it, eh?

BenSix said...

I believe that the fat contemplative fellow standing behind Barnbrook was once convicted for screaming abuse at black people. Regrettably, I forget his name and therefore can't prove this, but you can see him here with Johann Hari and a blob:

BenSix said...

I thought as much. His name is Jason Douglas and he's a convicted football hooligan. What lovely guys.

The Tory Troll said...

Carsmilesteve. I am aware it is called an allowance, but when you total together the basic allowances that they get along with special responsibility allowances and travel allowances etc, it amounts to what is effectively a salary. If you would prefer that I call it an allowance, then I will call it an allowance, but it doesn't change the facts of the story.

The Tory Troll said...

Ben- thanks for the extra info. I knew I had seen him somewhere before. What a lovely bunch of lads they are.

Loz said...

I think it was Searchlight that produced an expose a few local government elections ago showing that BNP councillors everywhere tended to have poor attendance records matched by their uselessness when they did bother to show up.

Exile said...

I see that in London the basic allowance amounts to £9,810 a year. If you add the mileage allowances on top that would probably take it to just over ten grand.

I think that any other allowances are only paid to committee chairmen and the like.

It hardly amounts to a wage, does it?