Saturday, 17 May 2008

Richard Barnbrook's questions for Boris Johnson

Of the hundreds of questions submitted for the Mayor's Question Time next Wednesday, Boris Johnson will only answer 26 of them in public. Of these questions only one will come from Richard Barnbrook of the British National Party. Here it is:
Richard Barnbrook: During the election campaign you promised all retired Londoners a 24 hour travel freedom pass. When will this pledge be actioned?
Which is all very friendly and workmanlike. Now here are the questions Boris won't be answering from Barnbrook in public:
Richard Barnbrook: Will the new Mayor repudiate his predecessor’s plan in respect of black cab drivers by positively discriminating in favour of members of some ethnic groups over other ethnic groups through a scheme (the BAME and Knowledge programme) run by the London Development Agency set up in October last year?
Richard Barnbrook: The GLA website has translations in thirteen different languages. What is the annual cost of these translations and how many hits does each translated file receive each year? Given the clearly and democratically expressed desire of the majority of London voters for an end to tax-payer-funded Politically Correct gesture politics, will the Mayor encourage community cohesion and save money by ending this unnecessary expenditure? 
and finally
Richard Barnbrook: Will the Mayor acknowledge the key role of England in the building, running and financing of London by making the national day an officially recognised celebration, pressing central government for it to be made a national bank holiday, and funding major celebrations in Trafalgar Square on April 23rd and on the Saturday nearest to it? 
Of the three suggestions I am most taken with the final one. Any piece of legislation that lets us see this every year has got to be welcome in my eyes.


Anonymous said...

He could at least have tried to seem like a normal human being and not some racially obsessed Nazi robot.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Toneytony said...

Richard Barnbrook: Can the Mayor please tell the Assembly when he plans to implement his manifesto commitment to send all the picanninies back to bongo-bongo land on a next generation Routemaster?

An Irish said...

"...the key role of England in the building...of London" - who rebuilt London and other major English cities after they'd been bombed to fuck in WWII? Oh yes, the Irish. Or are they OK because they're (mostly) not black?

The Tory Troll said...

Or indeed the Polish pilots like my grandad who defended it during the Battle of Britain. Unlike say... the Nazis for example.

Tommy said...

Can we acknowledge his role in building London by adding him to the foundations.

I'll get my cement mixer...

Anonymous said...

Can his questions get any more long-winded? I think the GLA will need to employ more translators now he's in the building.