Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Tory Troll and Richard Barnbrook in City Hall

The Tory Troll will be at City Hall tomorrow morning for the inaugural meeting of our Tory and Nazi dominated London Assembly.

Ordinarily I wouldn't be expecting too much excitement. Just a bit of bottom shuffling as London's top Tories vie for the positions of chair and deputy chair. 

But on this occasion we get our first real chance to see the Great White Dope Richard Barnbrook in action. So do come along if you fancy a good laugh.

So far every time the BNP's Dick Barnbrook has been at City Hall he's been met with protests and walkouts, and some of the City Hall staff have even said they will refuse to work with him.

For his own part Dick has called for a ban on burkas and reported two of his fellow assembly members to the Standards Board for England. 

So all in all it should be a friendly affair...

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