Friday, 23 May 2008

Wallywatch at London Southbank

Today's Wallywatch comes from Queen's Walk on the Southbank and was found by a Wally Spotter who reads The Troll. 

The large drill is a gradually changing piece of art that appeared at some point in the last week. Apparently it's from the people that brought the Sultan's Elephant to London, and we don't yet know exactly how it will end up. 

I love these kinds of things. They make London the exciting place to be that it is and they have absolutely nothing to do with getting 'more bang for your buck,' as Boris Johnson would put it. 

However, you should probably enjoy them while you still can because all the signs are that this is exactly the sort of thing that we will be seeing less of now Dr Cuts and the Cutters have got into power.

Have you been watching Wally? Have you seen the berk in beige? If so, please send all pictures, sightings and related Wallyspots to Wallywatch at the usual address ;)


BritSwedeGuy said...
Check out the gallery.

The Tory Troll said...

I will try and get myself back down there tomorrow to have a look.

BritSwedeGuy said...

It's made the BBC News now:
It is just the kind of thing Boris (or whoever actually makes his decisions) would get rid of.
He'd be scared of the tunnel collapsing.