Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Whale Harpooned after Backing Boris Johnson

Right-wing shock-jock James Whale has been sacked from Talksport after endorsing Boris Johnson.

Over the years Whale has campaigned for an end to recycling and banned all Scottish nationals from calling his radio show. But it was his backing of Boris Johnson for Mayor that finally caused him to lose his job.

Under Ofcom guidance, broadcasters must refrain from endorsing or pushing a particular candidate in the run-up to an election. When Whale did just that for Boris on March 20th, the station and Ofcom received  a high number of complaints. 

An investigation began, but Talksport decided to pre-empt it by announcing that Whale would be sacked

The sacking followed a previous complaint upheld by Ofcom last month. Ofcom then ruled that it was unacceptable for Whale to have read out the email address of an angry listener and then encourage other listeners to misuse it. 

However, although Talksport continued to employ Whale after this incident, the endorsement for Boris Johnson was seen as a step too far. A spokesman for Talksport said James Whale's backing of Boris was: 

"A serious error of judgment which we found totally unacceptable."

The Tory Troll couldn't agree more ;)


stevep said...

Do you think get Andrew Gilligan sacked as well?

The Tory Troll said...

Afraid not Stevep. Newspapers aren't covered by the guidance. Anyway, it seems that Gilligan has put himself out of a job this time, what with getting rid of Ken.

asquith said...

"Over the years Whale has campaigned for an end to recycling and banned all Scottish nationals from calling his radio show."

I can just imagine all the right-wing tits talking about how he stands up for decent, commonsense values against humourless liberal PC, the nanny state, etc. etc. etc. I can almost imagine the comments at Iain Dale's Dairy. They really do believe all this shyte, and persist in imagining that they're funny.

The Tory Troll said...

So far there have been 60 comments on the Daily Mail story, mostly along the lines of "bloody ridiculous politically correct lefty health and safety loons stealing our british DJ jobs and giving them to Asian lesbians" and so on...

Poor sods.

asquith said...

Yes, it really can't be easy living in Daily Heil land and being threatened by everything. :)

And isn't it funny that the same people who scream about PC, health and safety, the nanny state and whatever scream for the government to "act" the instant something goes wrong?

Actually it isn't funny, it's grim and horrific.