Sunday, 11 May 2008

What the BNP really think of London

What they say:
  • “The people who have the brains and ability got out (of London) years ago, one way or another. The people who are left are either the 15 per cent of the population who are happy to put up with it, they’re so decadent they actually like it, or they are too stupid to do anything about it. They will vote BNP, but you can’t build a movement on those people.” - Nick Griffin 1997
  • "London is a violent crime ridden cesspit" - BNP member

What they do:

As leader of the BNP in Barking and Dagenham, Richard Barnbrook proposed:
  • £2 million worth of cuts to services for the elderly
  • 10% cut in funding for learning and disabilities 
  • Cuts to refuse collections
  • Cuts to police numbers
So the next time you hear Richard Barnbrook talk about championing 'this great city' just remember: there is nothing patriotic about the British National Party. They hate it here.

(Figures from Hope not Hate)


asquith said...

And the BNP should stop their fucking pontificating about the "white working class" too. I'm working-class, and I've got more in common with immigrants than fucking cunts like Nick Griffin and Richard Littlecock.

Excuse me, I've been in the pub this afternoon so I might not be very sophisticated.

The Tory Troll said...

It's sophisticated enough for me.

Talking of pubs, I found out last night that I share the same local as Richard Barnbrook. I saw some of his NF chums in there last night. Lovely bunch of lads as you can imagine.

Sid said...

Oh, you got your data from "Hope not hate"? Well, that's your credibility fucked then. That amateur outfit of Useful Idiots, fronted by heroin addicted jail-bird Doherty, and Billy Bragg who loves London so much he prefers to observe it from the Dorset coast.

Failed Communist candidate and convicted criminal Gerry Gable is also known for his 'impartial' views on the BNP and his contributions to the journals you quote. Still, at least he'll get support from fellow 'former' Communist Jack Staw who thinks the English have a 'propensity to violence'.

And I wonder what Red Ken thought of Londoners when he was chumming it with the IRA during the eighties. He loves London so much he wants to take down the statues and stick up one of Communist murderer Mandela instead. Still, his repeated requests for the imported vote shows he despises the native Brits.

You utter prick.

The Tory Troll said...

I quoted from Nick Griffin rather than Gerry Gable, and the figures I gave can be easily verified from a quick look at recent B+D council online records.

Anything else while you're here?

Marianne said...

Pete Doherty has absolutely nothing to do with Hope not Hate.

Gerry Gable's conviction (for conning his way into David Irving's residence) is a great deal older than that of failed BNP candidate Nick Griffin.

Richard Barnbrook loves Barking and Dagenham so much that it took him nearly two years to go an live in the borough after his election to its council, after falsely putting himself on the electoral register at an uninhabitable rented flat to qualify as a candidate in the 2006 council elections.

Anonymous said...

Which pub?