Thursday, 1 May 2008

Why We Must Stop Boris Johnson Today

The Stop Boris Campaign will come to an end this weekend, one way or another. Over the course of the campaign, Mr Stop Boris has categorized the case against Boris Johnson far more strongly than even the opposing candidates themselves. 

Along the way, he has come under astroturfer attack from Team Boris, been accused of being a 'paid member of the Ken machine' and has had his independence confirmed by Dave Hill.

He has also produced a brilliant set of campaign posters and an even better campaign video. But most of all he has chronicled the progression of Boris' campaign in far greater detail than any national or regional newspaper. Today he brings all of that together into a dossier that excels the one produced by Compass by a city mile.

Read the Stop Boris Dossier here.


Toneytony said...

Fingers and ballots crossed guys :)

Mr. Stop Boris said...


Thanks, my Trolling friend. I shall miss campaigning.

Not half as much as I'll miss living in a city not run by an incompetent buffoon if Boris wins, though.