Thursday, 29 May 2008

With Boris Johnson away, Tim Parker will play.

The Troll was criticised today for having the cheek to question Boris Johnson's early holiday. But to be honest, the main reason I was annoyed is that I now have much less to write about.

Because with our new mayor on the high seas and with Richard Barnbrook seemingly in hiding, things in City Hall seem to have been running without a hitch.

But under our noses, the man who now really runs the capital has quietly been polishing his knives.

Boris's new first deputy Mayor, head of TFl, head of the GLA and all-round asset-stripper overlord Tim Parker held a meeting with the entire staff of City Hall today. To a crowd of worried civil servants, Parker boasted of having previously 'outsourced' jobs abroad and then gone on to reap the rewards. 

But with most new jobs already outsourced to staunch Conservatives, some in City Hall are worried that any job losses will come from those on the left. And with no cuts yet announced, everybody there was looking for clues. 

And with civil servants hanging on every word, Parker warned them that putting their own interest before the organisation was 'cancerous' and said that job numbers 'were unlikely to increase.' 

And although he didn't say who or what cancerous parts would be treated, he did say that 'things would become clear' by the time autumn comes around. 

So do you work at City Hall? Are you one of the "dogs in the manger"? Are you waiting to be "euthanised" by the Prince of Darkness? If so, then Tory Troll would like to hear from you ;)


BenSix said...

'A sulphorous leftwing site' - Samizdata' would be a fitting signature to any political blog.

Regarding Tim Parker, his 'cancerous' comment seems to fit Bob Crow's "Tim Parker has a reputation as a private equity asset-stripper and has been dubbed the Prince of Darkness by unions that have encountered his methods in the past". It turns out that he has a habit of cutting jobs:

Chris said...

I'm no fan of civil servants by any means, but it isn't really them I'm worried about. Any cuts at City Hall will be publicised and lauded. Cuts further down the chain will happen quietly and will not.

marvin said...

It is always sad when people loose their jobs. Let's hope he's more small 'c' conservative. I can't see cutting people's jobs is going to save much money in the grand scheme of things. London is a bloody huge corporation if you will that will readily absorb the cost of GLA civil servants salaries.

No, let's hope he's tough on contracts with businesses that deal with the capital. That would make the most sense.