Saturday, 3 May 2008

Workers barred from Boris Johnson's party

Far be it for me to piss on Boris Johnson's cheerios this morning, but the news that his party workers were barred from his victory ball has left a bad taste in the mouth.

In fact it was the very "knocker-uppers" that Boris heaped so much praise on in his speech last night, that were kept from joining the celebrations at the headquarters in Millbank. The Times reports:

"Only MPs, donors and a tiny number of political strategists were said to have been allowed to attend. One source said: “It is a kick in the teeth for all the workers. The party chiefs deserve a good hiding for it."

It was undoubtedly the hard work of these "knocker-uppers" that delivered the high turnout that clinched victory for Johnson. These workers have laboured the streets in their ridiculous T-shirts for many months now. To have gone through all that and to then be stranded at the gates must be a huge blow. 

Of course the story should come as little surprise to seasoned Cameroon followers. Two ambulance drivers who had worked with David Cameron and his son Ivan over many months, came out to complain last year that they had been invited to Dave's house, only to be "shovelled out" when the champagne and dinner was dished up to their Notting Hill friends. 

At the time Cameron had told waiting journalists that Jack and Doreen Ingram were 'carers, helpers and friends,' but once the media had departed, the couple felt looked-down upon, washed-out and used.

And as the Cameroons swanned into Millbank last night, there will have been many Tory party workers feeling the same.


Elisabeth said...

Jonathan Hoffman was actually there, as was the entire campaign team and many of our GLA candidates and agents. It wasn't just MPs and donors, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, very few MPs were invited because there will be a bigger party for all supporters in a couple weeks.

Maybe you ought to get your facts straight before you publish these things.

The Tory Troll said...

Maybe you should speak to The Times reporter who was also there.

Toneytony said...

Well there was one very blond, very drunk 'knocker-upper' present anyway.

Mr. Stop Boris said...

Hang on a minute, is that first comment from the same Elisabeth who denied being a part of the Back Boris team on my blog when I exposed Zach and that other one whose name escapes me? Nice to see still more evidence of lying from your team.

Could Boris have been elected on the back of the single most dishonest campaign in mainstream British politics?

(I grant you that the less mainstream BNP have beaten you to the crown for most dishonest campaign tactics full stop on a regular basis.)

The Tory Troll said...

Oh Elisabeth, I knew that I knew you from somewhere. Why so coy before and so proud now? Anyone would think you a fairweather friend. Hope you enjoyed the champagne and oysters anyway