Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Boris Johnson and the Bluewash of London

Like many, I lost count of the amount of times I heard Boris talk about the old Mayor's 'publicity budget' as if it was some never-ending golden reserve from which all our ills could be cured. 

But despite these good intentions, it was announced today that all 'Mayor of London' and GLA material will be completely re-branded in Tory blue at an unspecified cost.

In a memo seen by Pippa Crerar of the Evening Standard, the Mayor's spokesman states that:

“In order to differentiate the work of the new administration, the GLA’s marketing team has adapted the Mayor of London and GLA logos to a single colour format. The new logos will be slowly rolled out over the next couple of months, and the marketing team will start the process of reviewing and refreshing GLA marketing materials.”

Quite how big a slice this 'reviewing and refreshing' will take out of the Mayor's publicity pie we don't yet know, but it presumably won't help much with that 'bang for our buck' we heard so much about. 

But like the cancellation of the Venezuelan oil-deal, their latest blue-rinse shows the Tories more concerned about positioning themselves politically, than managing the place effectively.


Anonymous said...

"The solid Conservative principles of tax-payer value"

you were saying Boris?

Anonymous said...

Ah but who cannot be tempted to support such a man. When you see such photos of him!

And with the delicious `Munira at his side, doesn't she look pleased with herself

Bobbin said...

The blue-rinse brigade are back on the march again then.