Friday, 20 June 2008

Boris Johnson fails again under BBC questioning

Boris on BBC: "are you sure?" (Inspired by FAIL Blog.)


Toneytony said...

Appear statesmanlike under pressure: FAIL!
Answer basic questions: FAIL!
Think on your feet: FAIL!
Charm your way out of trouble: FAIL! (for once)

barry rochford said...

Either he's a liar, an idiot or both.
Suggesting details are not important or that he didn't say something is strange considering how every detail in relation to Ken was scrutinised.
He can't pretend for ever that he's got the memory of a goldfish.

Anonymous said...

Interviewer: "Boris. You are the Mayor of London."

Boris: "Are you sure?"

Interviewer: "Yes. You were elected with the mandate to push London forward for the next four years in terms of development, and social and cultural progress."

Boris: "Those are your words not mine."

Anonymous said...

For some reason the link here to this BBC site says
"This content isn't available at the moment"
Is this just a coincidence?

The Tory Troll said...

Luckily you can still watch it in all its glory on youtube